Pumpkin Carver Review

Pumpkin Carver

A new program by Stegersaurus Games, Pumpkin Carver allows the whole family to enjoy the Halloween tradition of pumpkin carving without the mess or the chance of inadvertent injury.

I consider this to be more of a program than a traditional platformer or computer game. There is no real skill necessary to designing the pumpkin whatsoever. You are limited to the choices that were programmed in during the creation of Pumpkin Carver. Granted, you can mix up the choices for eyes, nose and mouth to make different faces but when all is said and done, you are looking at maybe 30 minutes tops of gameplay that might be considered enjoyable.

The description says “Choose from tons of features to customize your jack-o-lantern! Add fog, ghosts, and eerie music to make the scene complete. Great for parties, or to inspire creative children.” Upon downloading the trial version, you have access to music, ghosts and fog to add to the ambiance of the program. But even with seeing what options are available for the “carving” of the pumpkin, I would consider that a far cry from the “tons of features” that is advertised. I understand that the indie games are relatively on the small side since the cost to purchase one is decent enough, but you’d think they’d at least throw a knife in there to show the shape being cut out. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. I’ve never written a game program and don’t know how much extra work would be involved with that. Who knows, maybe they’ll consider that for the next incarnation (if there is one).

All in all, personally, not a program that I would purchase to keep.

Rating: out of 5

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