Ranger Review


In Ranger, you are the deadlest Ranger the Elven race has ever known and it’s up to you to stop the monster horde. Use your armory of arrows to kill them before they get you.

The graphics here excellent. Very reminiscent of the old 80’s game Golden Axe. The only difference is that you don’t move. You only aim with the arrows and shoot as the enemy rampages towards you.

The sound quality is excellent as well. Great music and effects were both added to this game.

I know that this is a relatively short review but I was simply blown away by this one. The developer really went the extra mile on this game and it shows. It was so well done as a matter of fact that I really can’t recommend it enough. And at only 80 MS Points for the game you would do well to purchase it and play it. This one gets 5 thumbs up from me.


Rating: out of 5

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