Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect

Co-published by Red Bull Media House and Microsoft Studios, new game will bring intense party experience to living rooms globally.

Red Bull Media House today announced ahead of the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle that it is co-publishing the upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade title ‘Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect,’ with Microsoft Studios. The new game is based on the global sporting series, Red Bull Crashed Ice, and is expected for a Winter 2012/13 release. Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect will be playable for the first time at PAX beginning August 31 through September 2 in Microsoft booth #432.

The new game will be one of the most intense winter sports party game experiences. In the game, players compete four-at-a-time down an “ice cross downhill” track at incredible speeds, carving through turns, and pulling off crazy feats on skates in a race to the finish. Players can choose from five downhill tracks as raced in previous Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship events. Through Xbox LIVE, players can fight for the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship title by battling it out with other players worldwide.

Game Features Include:
Fast, fun, and frantic Ice Cross Downhill gameplay, powered by Kinect.
The sights, sounds and excitement of the Red Bull Crashed Ice event experience.
Split-screen, multiplayer competition along with fun party modes.
Five tracks from real Red Bull Crashed Ice event locations.
Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect for Xbox LIVE is developed by Austrian developer Bongfish – the team behind the snowboarding hit title ‘Stoked’.

“For any developer it’s a huge opportunity getting their hands on a fresh IP like Crashed Ice,” shared Michael Putz, Game Director at Bongfish. “Combining the nature of this unique sport with the power of Kinect should result in an outstanding experience and evolve digital sports to its next level.”

Released: TBC - winter
Rating: TBC out of 5
Developer: Bongfish

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