Remote Masseuse

Remote Masseuse is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,

Remote Masseuse

It was only a matter of time before a one of the massage apps was randomly selected for a review. Remote Masseuse allows the user to either give themselves a massage using the vibration motors in the Xbox controllers, or if you have Xbox Live Gold, you can even remotely massage someone else. The description for the app claims that it is “Great for long distance relationships” – I’ll let your own mind conjure up some idea’s about that!

Remote Masseuse is one of those apps that did fairly well for a while in the XBLCG charts and have caused a bit of a stir with those who are more of the traditional gaming types.

The app offers three different modes, which are fairly self explanatory – solo, local and network. Further more there are three different vibrate modes, consisting of constant, pulsating and direct control. Each mode allows the user to change the intensity of the vibration, but direct control allows the user full control over the massage. The controls are really simple with LS being used up & down to control the intensity of the weak/fast motor and left & right to control the intensity of the strong/slow motor.

Graphically things are simple, so not much to say there. Audio is non-existent, unless of course I had my volume set too low. To me, it looks like the menu uses two tones of white to determine which item is selected, which was a bit hard to make out which menu item was selected – I’m using a 24″ TV and was looking at it from a distance of around 1 meter (3 feet) and had trouble, so I can only imagine how hard it is to determine from the other end of the room.

On a positive note, Remote Masseuse is only 876KB in size and is most likely one of the smallest downloads on the service, so won’t keep you waiting long if you’re eager to give it a try.

To surmise, I have one of those HoMedics massagers, so at the end of the day, I found Remote Masseuse to be fairly pointless and ineffective as it is beaten hands down by the HoMedics massager any day. However, there is an extreme price difference between the two, so maybe I’m being a bit unfair on Remote Masseuse?!

Rating: out of 5

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