Review Policy

About our reviews;

We try to be as honest as we can about the games that we review.

We try to review as many games as we can and as often as we can.

The reviews will have a video clip in as many cases as possible.  Sometimes there will be screen grabs, sometimes there won’t.

One thing we would say is that we won’t get involved in ripping games to bits.  Why?  Well we feel that in the indie games market the developers may have spent months, if not years, working on their games.  They are not huge dev’ units (in most cases) where money is no object.

So although we will be honest and let you know if it’ worth paying for the game we won’t be looking to destroy someones work.

Don’t worry – we’ll let you know if we don’t think the game is worth paying for.

If you want to start a forum post about a game – especially if you don’t agree with us, then please go ahead.