Satellites is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,


In Satellites, you have to manoeuvre your satellites around a 10 by 8 grid in order to position them so as be able to bounce a fired laser beam to destroy your opponent’s satellites. This is a turn based game and only allows each player to make one move or rotation of a satellite before the turn is over.

The game has a very retro look to it and is available in both single and multiplayer modes. You can select from four different missions, but the only difference that I could see was the fact that the background changed!

Just as I was starting to get into the trial, I had a code4 error slap me right across the face. Not a good sign if you ask me, so that’s where my review stopped.

In summation, if you like slow games where you have to bounce stuff around the place this could be the one for you, but me personally, I would rather put the $2.50 towards an overpriced cup of coffee at Starbucks!

Rating: out of 5

Download Link: