Scrambled Egzz

Having recently peer reviewed the latest version of Scrambled Egzz, I though that I may as well use the experience to write a review for it.

Scrambled Egzz

Scrambled Egzz is a word game where you have to unscramble letters to spell the word or another word of three or more letters.

The game itself uses eggs with the letters written to them which drop from the top of the screen and move down and will smash if they hit the bottom hence Scrambled Egzz. Whilst the eggs are dropping the user must spell out the word that has been scrambled or any other word of three or more letters.

Scrambled Egzz also boasts different game modes for the single player game and these are the normal mode and the timed mode. There is also a two player option which has a timed mode and an outbid, which is where the fun really lies…

In the outbid mode in the two player game, each player must outbid the other on the length of the word that they can unscramble from the letters. The winner then gets to spell out their word, and all this before the eggs drop completely and smash.

There are various customisable options within the game, including setting the duration of games and the number of letters displayed.

If you are tired of dispatching bad guys in your favourite shooter and maybe fancy testing your vocabulary and problem solving skills, then his could be the game for you.

Rating: out of 5

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