Scribble Defense Review

scribble defense

As the Scribble Meister, you are charged with defending the scribbles from the scrawls in this newest addition to the tower defense type game. Standard gameplay ensues with this game. Protect the home base from the enemy by creating towers to defend against their continuous march towards you.

Unlike some of the other tower defense games out there, this one doesn’t offer a whole lot graphics wise. Basically, the name of the game says it all. Scribbles and scrawls and circles for towers. All on a black background. Kind of reminds me of the cartoon Simon and the Land of Chalk Drawings. Of course, here I go dating myself again.

The sound is good. The music sounds like a blend of techno/new age music. The tower sounds come through nice and crisp.

Although this game isn’t much to look at compared to other tower games, it does rank up there in my books with some of the best of them. Definitely a must play for defense fans. This one is getting 4 thumbs up from me.


Rating: out of 5

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