See the Light Review

See the Light

See the light is a puzzler that contains 64 levels where you have to guide the light to its goal using various tools, such as mirrors, lenses, energizers, absorbers among others.

The graphic presentation is simple, but effective and I found the music to be well suited and to be honest, I didn’t really notice it of much, which to me I find as a good sign as I normally only take note of the music if it’s repetitive or boring.

The game auto saves your level progress, so you are easily able to play any previous level or just return where you were.

Really other than that, there isn’t that much that can be said about See the Light as the premise is very simple, guide the light to its goal.

I found the learning curve to be probably a tad too difficult, or maybe that’s just me and the time of the morning that I played it, but all that aside, I found See the Light to be fun and addictive.

I rate it

Rating: out of 5

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