SFG Soccer Review

SFG Soccer

SFG Soccer, comes to you from Stir Fry Games and is exactly as the name suggests a game about soccer. However, what Stir Fry has done is in my opinion cut out some of the unnecessary difficulties with the likes of Fifa and Pro-Evo and created a simple easy to use control system that for the less soccer supporter types like myself to be actually able to stand a chance.

The controls are simple:
LS to move
LB to change formation
Y for high pass/header
B for shoot/slide tackle
A for pass/switch players
X for everybody’s favourite bicycle kick
That’s it – easy!

SFG Soccer is a game of six a side soccer, which features three different game modes, Exhibition, Practice & Career. The practise pits you and your team versus a lone goal keeper allowing you to try and master the easy controls or easily look cool in front of your mates by showing off with your bicycle kicks. The Exhibition allows you to play a single match using the predefined teams, of which I believe there are 64 different teams, who all appear to be named after cities throughout the world.

In career mode, you work your way up from the division 4 and on gaining enough experience points, you are able to improve your players abilities in the five different areas, which are speed, shot power, shot accuracy, tackling and reaction – if you just can’t be bothered with it though there is the open to Auto-Improve and the necessary changes will be selected for you.

In career mode you are able to create and customise your team and make changes to the individual players, to totally customise the look of your team.

Additionally there are two game modes, normal which allows you to control the whole team and role play, which puts you in control of a single player, much like “Fifa’s Be A Pro” mode.

Upon scoring a goal, there are three different preset celebrations for the player to choose from in addition to replays.

You have the choice of various preset formations and four different camera angles with which to view the 3D playing field. The graphics are fun and what I would put into the category of family game style characters – every dude on the team seems to have a huge grin going from ear to ear!

There appears to be no fouls, injuries, nor free kicks, nor throw ins for that matter. Though I didn’t notice, I’m sure there are no offsides either, so a simple straight forward soccer game, that is easy for the whole family to play and not have to worry about complex controls or rules.

All in all I thing SFG Soccer is a great game for the whole family and even though I am probably the world’s biggest soccer non-fan, I’m going to give this a

Rating: out of 5

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