Shardscape Assault

Shardscape Assault

I found Shardscape Assault quite a comprehensive game, particularly for the 80 price tag, so I’m sure (hope) that I’ll be forgiven if I fail to mention something.

The gist of the story is that three dimensions over from our own is a dimension not totally un-similar to our own where the government which is called the BDC has depleted their supply of natural resources and is on the brink of extinction, that is until they discover shards which are specific tiny embodiments of time-space coordinates – keys that forever connect to a precise moment in time to an otherwise inaccessible alternate dimension (Shardplanes).

The BDC has drilled inter-dimensional tunnels or Nexuses to enable travel between these dimensions to be able to harvest the resources and expand their territory. There appear to be two types of Nexus and these ar the large and small Nexuses, the small Nexus can only get you to a 1 Pin Shardplane.

You are in control of a I36 Arbiter Class Shardtank in the BDC army, under the command of Commander Hathmed

The shards that you can collect have a various number of pins, the more pins the more powerful the shard. Shards have various uses, such as for selecting your destination through the Nexuses and adding weapons to your tank.

The shards are also used to join two Shardplanes together. According to the instructions from the second mission, here’s how you do it:
“..get to a Blue(Shard) Nexus. Where the Red (Pin) Nexus uses the total pins on shards to get you to a higher level Shardplane”, the Blue (Shard) Nexus combines the shards you give it to create an unstable mesh of the two worlds. And once you’ve done that, all you have to do is find the Join Point of the two Shardplanes and activate it in order ro stitch the two of them together once and for all.”

Sounds complex right, well not really looking at the mission objectives all you have to do is :
a) Find a blue shard to insert the two shardplanes you wish to join.
b) Go to the Shardplane join point and activate.

Personally, I just preferred shooting things and trying out new weapons, as every time I tried to join two Shardplanes, all hell breaks loose when you activate the join and I kept getting killed!

The controls for Shardscape Assault I found fairly straight forward, with one exception and that was the actual control of moving the tank, you press the left thumbstick left or right to rotate and forwards or backwards to move, now I know this is used in many games, but I kept messing it up, no matter how much I tried! I’d have a good run where I’d be fine, then when all hell broke loose; I’d be going round in circles! No doubt something wrong with my coordination!

Shardscape Assault took me a while to figure out what was going on, but once I did, it was fairly straight forward and is a really well put together game at which I seem to have absolutely no skill. As far as I’m concerned it is well worth if for only 80 and I will certainly be playing it again as now I’m determined to get past the second mission :)

Rating: out of 5

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