Shiatsu Massage

From the developer of Cocktail Paradise comes Shiatsu Massage…..

Shiatsu Massage

Of all the massage apps out there, I think that Shiatsu Massage is one where a fair bit of work has gone in, rather than just being thrown together for a quick buck.

Shiatsu Massage as one might expect has a Japanese style to it, using graphics such as scrolling parchment and what looks like well illustrated bamboo framed batiks for a menu.

There are various preset massages for either self or couple massages, complete with written instructions and illustrations as to the method to be used to achieve the desired effect. The presets include concentration, energy flow, and vitality and contain the instructions and illustrations for the different application methods, using various pulse patterns of the Xbox controller.

There is also a custom massage mode, which allows you to set the intensity of each of the two motors in the controller and the pulse frequency.

Though it’s not personally for me, I would say that of the XBLIG massage apps that I have tried; this seems to be one of the more professional jobs.

Rating: out of 5

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