Sidehill Gouger Review

Sidehill Gouger

This game is dedicated in Loving Memory of “Grampy” Everett Culberson by his family and involves a young boy called Andrew who’s imagination is filled with various weird and wonderful mythical creatures based on his Grampy’s stories, who dons his favourite fishing hat and ventures off to defeat the Sidehill Gouger in the woods outback.

The objective of this original puzzle game with 36 randomly generated levels is to defeat the Sidehill Gouger who is hiding somewhere in a clearing. To do this you must shoot it with your trusty slingshot from a neighbouring clearing by following the various clues and avoiding obstacles. The clues you encounter are critter blood which lets you know that you are within two clearings of the Sidehill Gouger. Sounds easy enough, however it isn’t really, entering the same clearing as the Sidehill Gouger will regenerate a random level and in addition to this you have to watch out for Gouger holes that are dotted around the level and can be found by the discovery of dirt which indicates that you are within one clearing of the hole.

In addition to the Sidehill Gouger, there are the Treesqueak and Hidebehind, which hinder you in your quest to shoot the Sidehill Gouger with your slingshot.

Sidehill Gouger includes mellow music that fits in well with the nature of the game and contains well draw art. Sidehill Gouger also comes with 12 different trophies, which are earned by mastering the slingshot.

I found myself thoroughly enjoying playing Sidehill Gouger, but at the same time extremely frustrated as I kept trying to get through the level too quick and kept walking straight into a hole or the Sidehill Gouger. I’m giving it a

Rating: out of 5

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