Snaker Ace Review

Snaker Ace

Snaker Ace is a throwback to the old by-gone era of video gaming. Back when you had an Apple IIe and a game called Snake. The developers here had decided to try a remake of an old classic. The controls are pretty simple. Left joystick to move and trigger to fire.

The premise of the game is the same as the original. Eat the eggs to make your snake grow while avoiding the baddies. You can shoot the bad guys as well but it is a little difficult as you try to keep from running into things like the walls or yourself.

The graphics are not a whole lot to write home about. You start off as the snake head and grow an extra part for every egg you eat. Of course the graphics are a little better than they were for the classic game. As you progress in the levels the path to the eggs gets tougher with extra walls thrown in.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the sound. It was a little too cute for my liking. But, then again, maybe that’s just because I’m an old fogey. Who knows.

After downloading the full game I had a better opportunity to try this one in full. Unfortunately one of the major drawbacks that I had with this game was with how difficult it was to control the snake. The controls were too touchy and that is not a good combo in some of the mazes that were available (face, meet wall). Given that this one will probably be enjoyed by kids, I would look into putting in an option to control the sensitivity.

I was also able to see a leaderboard for the local system. So, if you wanted to purchase the game and play with your friends to see who gets the better score, by all means do so as you can have multiplayer of up to 4 people playing.

As for myself, I thought the game was a neat idea when I was a kid but I’m not a kid anymore. This one, I think, is a little overpriced at 400 MS Points and would be more suited to children aged 10 and under. I know my baby girl thought it was the funniest thing on earth.

Rating: out of 5

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