Snowmans Dilemma

Snowmans Dilemma is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,

Snowmans Dilemma

Snowmans Dilemma is a single player family style platformer whereby you play the part of a snowman (who has the amble not unlike myself after a few pints :>>) and have to navigate his way through each level to get to the exit and collect presents along the way for extra points. Sounds easy enough, but there are as you would expect obstacles in the including moving flames which of course brings the snowman crashing to the ground quicker than you can say “melted snow”. To aid you in your quest, you have a supply of ice blocks with which you can build platforms to help you get across gorges or up to the higher platforms, but use these blocks carefully as they are not an endless supply! There is good news on that front though, you are able to pick up and reuse the ice blocks.

The controls are easy enough and I could pretty much just pick up the controller and get stuck in.

To sum up Snowmans Dilemma was a fairly fun game, but would have had more effect had I not played it with the brilliant sunlight streaming through the window!

Rating: out of 5

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