Space Pirates from Tomorrow Pre-Release Review

I was lucky enough to be contacted by MStar Games with a pre-release copy of their upcoming XBLIG “Space Pirates from Tomorrow”. As the name may suggest to you, this game is obviously space based, but may also be a welcome site to those of you who enjoyed the Elite series of games as Space Pirates from Tomorrow, brings Elite to the Xbox 360!

The loading of the game starts off with the good old retro loading from tape style screen, but doesn’t stay retro for too long as once the game loads up, you can get stuck into a huge area of 3D space.

The game starts off with a tutorial that talks you through the controls of the game, which really is more of a mixture of Frontier: Elite II & Frontier: First Encounters, rather than the original Elite. One thing that made me chuckle was the junk email that you receive from a “lonely lifeform”! Speaking of emails, you also receive one from Smash, Grabbit & Runne, which though the name itself is a bit of a laugh, the contents of the email goes on to tell you about your inheritance of 1000cr and a ship from your Great Uncle Cdr. Jameson (may sound familiar to some of you).

As expected from any good Elitelike game, Space Pirates comes with its fair share of trading, cargo salvage, ship upgrades, missions, mining, bounty hunting and piracy. However, unlike the Elite series, Space Pirates comes with much better graphics, though if I remember correctly the sound effects are very familiar…..

I found the controls to be a little tough to get into, but then who’s ever played elite with an Xbox 360 controller?

MStar Games consists of a team of husband and wife, with Mike writing the code and music, and Charlotta working the graphic design. They believe Space Pirates to be the largest Indie game in terms of playing area and objectives.

Space Pirates from Tomorrow will be released Q4 2009 on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games marketplace, priced 240 MS Points.

If you are an Elite fan, you really should keep your eyes open for the release of this one! I know, I’m gonna be!

Rating: out of 5

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