Spaceman is brought to you by Tyler Budolowski (buddrick)…..


Having not played a platformer for quite some time, I was keen to give Spaceman a try. It comes with retro arcade music at the start, which sounds strangely familiar, but then all retro arcade music sounds the same, much like garage/trace music all sounds the same. Again I digress!

In Spaceman, you play the role of this cute little spaceman (no surprises yet then) with an oversized head and a gun which fires what looks like blue bubbles, which you use as platforms to climb on in order to make your way to the collectables, which are the key to the exit and little gold 100 point tokens.

Sounds easy so far, however, there are obstacles in your way such as cannons which fire at you and spikes which will no doubt impale you should you fall on them. There also exists one other hazard, which is also a tool and that is the bombs that you can plant, which are able to destroy the bubbles and wooden structures. The hazardous bit is the bomb backfire that is caused and can kill the little spaceman and reset the level to the start.

Still sound fairly easy right? Well, not quite so, as you can only fire you bubbles in three directions, up, left and right, unfortunately, there is no option to shoot bubbles diagonally or down for that matter, so you are always forced to move up in a stepped motion to move from one side of the level to the other. That is unless of course I was doing something wrong (I quite possibly was to tell you the truth).

One additional hazard that I found somewhat perplexing was that the cannons, not only destroy the little spaceman, but also destroy your bubbles, which can lead to disastrous results if you are standing on one directly above a spike! Ouch!

Spaceman for me is a fun little platform puzzler, which is worth a look-in should you fancy a bit of a challenge. However, be forewarned, it can get frustrating when you keep dying right near the end of a level!

Another thing that might be worth mentioning is that Tyler is running a competition with Spaceman, the details of which can be found here.

Rating: out of 5

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