Spectra Musical Massage

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Spectra Musical Massage

“Oh no! Not another massage app!”, you might well be saying, much as I did. However, Spectra Musical Massage has quite a bit of a difference to all the other massage apps out there. For starters it contains over 30 minutes of Indie music that plays whilst you get your massage as well as there being some mesmeric visuals to go along with the music. Spectra Musical Massage also allows you to select music from a different media source.

Spectra Musical Massage as you’d expect, also comes along with the standard vibrate options that have come to be part of most of the massage apps, such as the rumble intensity and rumble speed called rumble type** in this app.

With the visuals, there is a gyrator that moves around the screen and releases what looks like smoke particles, for which you can set their velocity. You can also set the opacity of the gyrator, so the puffs of smoke appear from nowhere. Even though the visuals look cool, exercise caution should you be photosensitive – there is a long photosensitive seizure warning at the beginning of the game explaining this.

** I reviewed an email from the President of Pow Studios pointing out the following:
“Bumpy” is when the controller rumbles according to the detected musical strikes whether it be percussion, synths, etc. This is good for rhythmic music. “Smooth” is a reflection of the amount of sound present and would be good for music that’s not necessarily rhythmic, i.e. scenic/organic audio. You can use the slider to enable a mix of these two extremes to account for and get decent results for a wide range of audio.

Additionally, I would like to apologise for failing to mention the music synchronization feature which as one might imagine synchronizes the massage and the visuals to the music that is currently playing.

Like I’ve already said in the past, these massager apps are not for me, but at the very least, I recommend that you check out the trailer for Spectra Musical Massage – it’s a bit of a laugh! Click the link below to see the trailer…


Rating: out of 5

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