Stop the Woodcutter! Review

Stop The Woodcutter!

In a world where forests are dwindling, where do you turn for help? Why the forest animals, of course. In Stop the Woodcutter, you are charged with protecting the trees from the lumberjacks and miners by using animals to protect the area. You must spend points in order to get the animals you need to defend the forest. Each animal has a unique ability and you must try to use the best possible combination in order to stop the woodcutters.

The graphics in the game are fairly decent. The backdrop of paths and trees seem to be fairly standard but the animals and woodcutter graphics is where the developer really shone out.

The sound was alright in the game. Not a whole lot to go with here but passable.

This game was cute for a while but I found it a little slow. One of my major problems with this game was how difficult it was to build up points to get more creatures. Some of the earlier levels, I found, were a little too difficult with diverging paths and not enough points/options for adding defenses. However, that being said, I am still giving this game 3 out of 5 thumbs up because of the graphics that the developer put into the game. Now, go out and give this one a try or I’ll sic my squirrel on you.

Rating: out of 5

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