Sushi Bumper

Sushi Bumper

Imagine yourself riding a bumper car with a piece of sushi on your head and a circular conveyor belt moving around the track and you’ve got yourself Sushi Bumper!

Sushi Bumper is played on a round table, with a conveyor belt circling the table. The objective is to hold onto the piece of sushi for as long as possible, but if your opponent has the sushi, then ram them onto the conveyor belt to get access to a new order of sushi in the middle of the table.

The winner is the one who holds the sushi for the longest. In your sushi fighting arsenal, you also have access to wasabi power, which when activated will increase your speed, however once used you must wait for it to build up again.

Sushi Bumper allows between one and four players to play and allows you to choose from the following platters to represent yourself:
Mr. Master Platter
Mr. Screaming Platter
Mr. Hunger Platter
Mr. Tomago Platter

I found Sushi Bumper to be a great little addictive game, whilst at the same time quite frustrating when you get knocked onto or just manoeuvre yourself accidentally onto the conveyor belt when you have the sushi!

Rating: out of 5

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