Tank-tastic Review


Tank-tastic reminds me of a game my brother and I played as kids involving a notepad, pencil and ruler. It is surprisingly fun for a game that whose background is only a notepad.

In the game, you are a tank whose goals are given at the start of each mission. The goals range from survival, to destroy the enemies, to capture the flag. The controls are very simple. Steer with the left joystick and shoot with the right. The multiplayer is just as fun as the single player and can have up to 4 people playing at a time. Some of the powerups in multiplayer are very cool.

The graphics in the game are very simple indeed. Your background that the tank maneuvers on is simply… a notepad. Try to wander around it and stay alive. In some missions, it’s harder than you would think. In the side is a ruler that will keep track of your scores for multiplayer. The tanks, for the most part, are relatively easy to follow.

The sound is pretty much standard for par within the indie game selection. You can hear the explosions and shots. In multiplayer, you get to hear the ricochets (if you have that powerup). Other than that, there really isn’t too much else to it.

Now, this being said there were a couple of things that I had problems with. One, for the developers, this would have been a great game for online multiplayer play. Something to consider for the future. The second thing is the timer. It is really annoying on the survival games because it sits there right in the middle of the page. Now, it’s not huge but it does obstruct your view if you end up in the centre of the page during the survival mode. The time would have been better put on the side. There’s plenty of room on the left side for things like that.

So, that being said, except for those two things I would say that this is an exceptionally fun game. If not for single player for you then definitely for the multiplayer function. It was a little on the simple side for 240 MS Points but still worth the money. Get the game and go start blowing up the enemies, but beware the 4th mission. That survival mission is a killer. You can view a demo video of the game here:


Rating: out of 5

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