Tarot360 Review


Having some knowledge of tarot decks and the like, I thought that I would check this game out. Needless to say, I was very disappointed.

Let’s start with the graphics. You can’t really go wrong with graphics when you are working with any kind of tarot deck or tarot program. But let’s face it (and I apologize to the developer here if they feel insulted), any monkey can get a Rider Waite (or other) deck and scan it. Hell, in today’s day and age you can just find the deck online and copy and paste the images. It’s just too easy.

The gameplay is simple. Of course in the demo version you only have access to the one card reading or the three card reading. You do not have access to the Celtic Cross reading or to look at the deck itself. Also in the demo for the three card reading you do not have access to the future card (big surprise here). But that’s ok because if you decide to buy the game, I can tell you what your future will be. You will be rooked out of 240 MS points.

Now as for the readings themselves. They are the standard description of the cards themselves. If you were to buy a new package of the tarot deck and pull out the manual, you would find the descriptions there. All this game wants to do is to try and get some easy points out of your pocket.

In my opinion, the developer never really put any thought or effort into this game at all. All that was done was the images from the 78 cards were scanned into the program and very brief descriptions were ascribed to each card. I’ve seen better card readers on the pc that at least acted like they knew what they were doing when they gave you a reading.

I think you need to stay as far away from this game as possible and spend your points on something… anything else.

Rating: out of 5

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