Though this game is under the classification of family with a review rating of 0 across the board, which wouldn’t be my normal cup of tea, however I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. It reminded of a kind of a pacman game in a way.

Basically it is a single player game where you are a cat called Terwilliger (named after Sideshow Bob perhaps?) and your objective is to clear all the houses of mice, whilst avoiding any patrolling dogs or even worse, the large dogs that seem to hunt you down!

There are various special abilities that you can collect to aid you in your mouse catching quest, such as Stealth to help you get past those pesky dogs, Swipe to randomly move a dog from the game, Catch to automatically catch all the mice on the screen in one fell swoop and one who’s name I forget that freezes all mice and dogs on the screen for a period of time. You can also get bottles of milk (presumably as a reward from happy mouse free home owners) and for every three you get an extra life up to a maximum of nine (surprise surprise).

The further you progress in the game, the more houses you have to clear of mice and the more dogs you encounter. The one fault I can see is that if you get taken out by a dog, you have to start the level again, which can be frustrating. I managed to make it to around level 16 then the wheels started falling off!

Overall I really enjoyed playing Terwilliger. Definitely worth a look-in.

Rating: out of 5

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