The American Hot Dog Race Review

the american hot dog race

Buuuuuurp!!! The American Hot Dog Race deals with a traditional staple of the July 4th holiday. Hot dog eating contests. In this game you, as your avatar, must defeat either the computer or other players in a hot dog eating contest. Eat the hot dogs by pressing A, B, Y or X in the order that they come up on the screen. The faster you are, the more hot dogs you will eat.

The graphics are pretty good in this game. You have a plate of ‘dogs’, yourself and your opponent(s) as well as the crowd cheering you on.

The sound is really good in this one. Great music and the cheering sounds as you go really add to the atmosphere.

This is a great game for 1 – 4 button mashers. Sorry, no online play here. A fun game for a short period of time (about one day – Monday in fact, lol). I do recommend it though. If only for the fact that you don’t have to worry about calories and it is not filling at all. Go on, see how many you can stuff into your face. 4 thumbs up here.

Rating: out of 5

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