The Exterminator – Developer Interview

Q : Firstly what do we call you? I ask this as I’ve thus far seen three possibilities:
Crazzzy Stoner (creator and gamer tag), Benjamin (email) and Tony (gamer profile)?

Well a lot of people over the internet just call me that stoner guy which i guys is fine but Ben seams a little more professional.

Q : For anyone who hasn’t played The Exterminator yet, please describe the game.

Basically there are 3 bug types ladybug’s, bee’s, and flies your goal in the game is to kill all the flies and bee’s before they get to your cookies without hitting a ladybug. As you progress without making any miss takes your skill level increases as your skill increases you get new unlockables such as a spray can, the ability to refill health, longer spray time, etc. As you play you also have a score for how much money you’ve made. You make money by killing bug’s and you lose money by refilling spray and health, if you kill a ladybug, or if bug’s eat your cookies.

Q : What’s was your inspiration behind The Exterminator?

I don’t know it kinda just started coming a long, playing around with some tutorials over time it just hit me. I made about 8 different nuilds of the game before i finally decided this was the one. There where some interesting builds, in one of them if you got close to a bug with a swatter they’d jet off in the other direction.

Q : Was this a totally solo project or did you have help?

I built it all from the ground up. The build you see on marketplace i put about 50 hours into just building the game then another 40 hours testing and tweaking the game, and that was the easy part because all the other builds where a little more complex in programing. I took a feature from each build and ended up with this one. It was orginally named fly swattin madness with just flies and a swatter but as you can see its quite more to the game. the guys on the xna forums helped me quite a bit and a lot of credit goes to them too. I had some of my friends playtest the game and give me some feed back but that’s about it.

Q : What other sort of games do you enjoy playing?

Well if where talking xbox games i love gears of war 1 and 2, halo 3, call of duty 5, GTA 4 and NCAA college football 09.

Q : I’ve noted that you’ve been running competitions with MS Points as prizes; the most recent one being for 16,000 points, which if I calculate it correctly is US$200. What prompted you to do this?

Well I never planned on making profit off this game, i just wanna break even. I mean it’s all about the community so i decided all the money made from the game is all for contests. The game sales started off with a boom and has really slowed down though so this will probably be the biggest prize for the contests. I’m considering throwing some money in for prizes as long as people are enjoying the game.

Q : Are these competitions likely to continue as long as The Exterminator is making sales?

Of course, i might even kick in some money for some prizes, as long as people are enjoying and supporting the game im all for it.

Q : At the time of writing, looking at the Xbox Live Community Games Index, it would appear that out of 16 votes for The Exterminator, you have a user approval of 0%. What are your thoughts and comments on this?

Jeez thats ruff man, that kinda hurts to hear that. I mean i don’t understand this i worked my but off on the game and i’m having contests all the time for huge prizes. Although it is my first game and it’s not admazing by any stretch. I think after people see the game after the new patch which is free they may change there minds. I’m also working on a new patch to fix some minor bug’s, some new textures, possible game soundtrack, and some gameplay tweaks. With the first few realeses having a bunch of controversy i guess you can’t be to surprised. I hope the community changes there minds though beacuse there the reason i’m doing this.

Q : There was a lot of controversy surrounding the very first version of The Exterminator (which never made it to the Marketplace) due to the objective of the game being to protect your “home grown” from the bugs and because of other various drug references within the game being seen as not appropriate. What are your thoughts on this?

You know i think its a bit ridiculous to tell you the truth i mean it’s my game let me do what i want and if nobody likes it they don’t have to buy it. In the reveiw process it actionaly dosn’t say anything about drug’s not being allowed but you know how the reveiw people are. Before the content had to be removed the game was quite fun, there where 2 other modes and and a sound track of “someone” hitting a bubbling bong.

Q : Are you planning on writing any more games and if so, will you let us know what things you have in mind?

Well I’m sorta in a bind on what to do, i started a small project but i don’t want to go into details i wanna keep the fans on there toes. Although i was also thinking of making an Exterminator 2 which would feature online and different bug patterns. A community vote would be cool. Although with such negative feedback I’m kinda thinking of jumping out of the whole Dev business.
(hey man thanks for the interview i really apperate it and hope you enjoy my game)