The Impossible Game Review

The impossible game

The most difficult part of the Impossible Game is… well, the game itself. There was no beating around the bush when the developer decided to name this one. This game is all about timing and paying attention.

The gameplay itself is pretty much straight forward. Use the A button to Jump and the Y button to plant flags. The flags are planted to save your spot while you are playing in case you crash while trying to jump the obsticles. You can use the buttons on top to move back a flag if you planted in the wrong spot, which has happened to me.

The graphics are quite simple. You are an orange block that must jump over triangle shaped spikes. You can jump on the black blocks which is a good thing because some are used as stairs. Beware though, this game is more like a maze than anything and if you don’t time your jumps wrong, you will go in the wrong direction.

The sound is very good. The song changes when you plant your flags or restart. The explosion is nice and crisp when you crash into the barriers.

For a simple game, this is actually a lot of fun. Personally, I kind of like the hard games and at only 80 MS Points, this one is a real steal. I highly recommend the Impossible Game. It will pose a challenge for even the most seasoned of players.

Rating: out of 5

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