The Visualizer Review

The Visualizer

Three cheers for another music visualizer. Not. Great concept but, honestly people, don’t you think this has been a little overdone?

I downloaded this utility because I wanted to see if it had music of its own, access to my music or no access to music whatsoever. Well, it does have access to the music that is accessible on your 360. Whether this is music that is stored on your hard-drive or music that is accessible from your pc through other means. It is a nice easy utility and is fun for a short period. The problem here is that there are so many visualizers out there that the market is flooded with them. And come on, when one is built into the Xbox music system why would you ever want to buy another?

On the whole, the graphics are nice but not wholly new or unique at all. I did notice that on some of the songs on your list that have a faster or harder beat, the graphics kind of exploded all over the screen. Not really visually pleasing.

There is a “rumble massage” feature which is available with the full download but I can get a rumble massage playing just about any other game out there when the action gets going. I don’t think we really need something like this. I don’t know about everyone else, but when I play music through my Xbox I usually put the controller down and walk away. I want to listen to it, not sit and watch it.

Now having said all this, there are two really annoying features to this game (at least to the demo). One, is when the songs change you get an explosion within the utility itself. This explosion is not a little beep but a large boom that is much louder than the music itself. This gets old really fast. Especially if you have the volume turned up on your stereo. The second is the advertisements for the developer’s other games when you go to sign out of the game. You have to worm your way through three separate ads for the other games before it logs you out. This is really annoying and I hope that both of these problems are not in the full download.

All in all, a cute utility that is overdone to death but with a little twist to it. Get it if you want but it’s not an urgent “must own”.

Rating: out of 5

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