Tobe’s Vertical Adventure Review

Tobe's Vertical Adventure

Tobe’s Vertical Adventure is a fun little game reminiscent of the old Mario Bros games from the original Nintendo. You play Tobe who searches through different areas on 4 different islands in search of treasure. The problem is that once he finds the treasure, he has a time limit to retrace his steps to get out before he is trapped within the little maze. The controls are very easy for the game and you get a tutorial on what to do as you play.

Graphics wise, this game is very good and lovingly heralds back to the heyday of 8-bit side-scrollers. Screens and movement flow nicely from one page to the next.

The sound is also very good. The music sets the mood quite nicely and the sounds as you interact with your surroundings works very well.

The game itself has the option of multiplayer co-op for 2 players or simply single player fun. Personally, I believe for a game like this single player is the way to go. Overall, a great game that I am giving a high recommendation for. Great fun for the whole family.

Rating: out of 5

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