Tomato Blaster

Tomato Blaster

Tomato Blaster is a maze style game, through which you (the Tomato) must roll your way around the level collecting all the coins before you can make your way to the level exit. There are many types of obstacle in your way such as what appears to be spinning blades, boulders and locked doors. You have to use the various items within the environment i.e. a boulder to hold down a door switch to help you progress throughout the level and collect all the coins before making it to the exit in one piece.

Normally in this style of game, you would have a certain number of lives and the level resets whenever you lose one, but in Tomato Blaster, you have a health meter, which at least allows you to make small errors without having to restart from scratch again.

Then there’s the Mango’s, who just follow you around and so you can use them to your advantage to open a door switch that you cannot get to. Beware of them though as you’ll die if they touch you!

The game also comes with a level editor which allows you to create your own level using all the various world objects that exist within Tomato Blaster.

I really enjoyed Tomato Blaster and found it a very addictive game. Certainly worth a trial download at the very least if you ask me.

Rating: out of 5

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