Torino-X is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,


I feel that the startup text really sums up the game fairly well:
“The year is 3023
Decades of war have left Earth Uninhabitable.
Protect Earth’s last escaping Transports.
Good Luck…”

You fly a space craft that has to protect the capital ships from various dangers, such as asteroids and other hostile space craft. The game starts off fairly slow, perhaps too slow then by about the fourth wave, things really started to heat up.

You are not alone in keeping the dangers at bay as the capital ships come equiped with weapons to aid you in overcoming the attacks on the ships. As you destroy more enemy ships, you get more money and the more money you have, the better weapons that you can buy for the capital ships to help them defend themselves again the perils of your journey. There is a command screen that allows you to buy weapon upgrades for the capital ships and even extra lives for yourself.

I found that Torino-X whilst it looked really good, got a little bit too much of the same old thing after a while. At 400, I would rather go and buy two of the better 200 games to be honest. Just my 2!

Rating: out of 5

Download Link: