Towers Review


The world has changed. The magic crystal has been broken into shards and it’s up to you to defend them from the rampaging monsters. In this latest tower defence type game, you are tasked with defending the group of wizards in each area protecting that areas crystal. To do this, you build towers to defend the route to the wizards. Once all the wizards have been wiped out by the monsters, you have lost the crystal and its game over for you.

The graphics in this game are pretty good for 8 bit. You can clearly see the route that the monsters should take to get to the wizards and your charts for placing the towers are well done. My only problem here is that the wizards all look like the characters from the old Wizard of Oz cartoon back in the 80’s. Do some research, you’ll see what I mean.

The audio is pretty decent as well. With a good mixture of music and sound effects, you can’t go wrong.

This tower game does offer something that the others don’t though. Multiple endings. What with my busy schedule, I have yet to get to the first ending but I am looking forward to testing the game out in a number of different ways to see what the difference in the endings is.

For those that like the tower defence type of gameplay, I highly recommend this one to you all. At only 80 ms points for the game, this one’s a real steal. 4 thumbs up from me.

Rating: out of 5

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