Trippin’ Alien Review

Trippin' Alien

What a great game!!! Trippin’ Alien is a very simple yet fun game. This throwback to the 80’s style of game (and there is even a retro version to prove it) really has what it takes to keep you interested.

There are 4 levels of game play. The names of which are great in and of themselves alone.
1. Sober (Easy)
2. Buzzed (Normal)
3. Drunk (Hard)
4. Trippy (Very Hard)
There are also 4 game modes. Retro, Time Attack, Survival and Practice. You are able to change the colour of your ship if you like, although some of the colours make the ship extremely difficult to see in the background.

The basic premise of this game is that you are in a ship trying to maneuver through an asteroid field without getting hit or going off screen up top or on bottom. You only have one chance to get as far as you can and once you blow up, you start all over again. The explosion when you hit an asteroid is really the most colourful part of the game but it is worth it.

The controls are very easy. You either use the right trigger or the left joystick. When you press the trigger or push up on the joystick you give the ship power and it will rise. When you stop, it will sink. This is how you maneuver through the field. Simple right? Wrong, it’s harder than it looks. But don’t worry, there is a practice mode for you without asteroids to get the feel of things.

There are pickups through the field but that doesn’t mean you want to collect them all. Check the help screen and learn what you want to get and what you want to try to avoid.

Although the game will keep track of your high score, my only wish was that the current high score was put on screen so you knew what you were going for if you wanted to try to top it. Other than that, this is a great game that should be tried by everyone and at the cost of only 80 MSP is well worth it.

Rating: out of 5

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