New 3D-Hardcore-Multiplayer-Game offers cutting-edge graphics, fast paced gameplay and a straight-in-your-face metal soundtrack.

Berlin, Germany, Jan. 24, 2010

Today comes the first commercial release of the indie game developer Twisted Bytes. Available now on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. Hard2Morrow delivers fast paced 3D multiplayer action gameplay and comes with awesome 3D graphics and a metal-driven soundtrack that fits perfectly in the gameplay. It combines a classic sport game with the thrill of Quick Time Event action to bring a never-seen on Indie before gameplay feeling. The Focus lies on the Multiplayer fun, but it also can be played in singleplayer mode.

“You wake up one day to hear a stranger laughing at you, claiming that his reactor tank is bigger than yours. This cannot be tolerated! Choose your gladiator and prove your superiority!”

In a post nuclear world, where every single Day is followed by a hard tomorrow, glory in the arena is everything that counts. So, two gladiators are protecting their reactor tank while they must try to destroy the enemies tank. Special Items give the Gameplay a tactical note, while quick time events are freshening up the action. There are four different gladiators, and five challenging multiplayer modes. Tree additional singleplayer difficulties ensure an enjoyable experience for both, casual and hardcore gamers.

In addition to the single player mode, Hard2Morrow includes a battle mode for two players on one Xbox 360. Multiplayer mode variations are wide, include traditional death matches, among others, a timed mode where the energyball get faster with every hit, and a dirty mode where the player´s sight gets more and more decreased by Splotches.

Try the Demo with some of the many unique features now on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games marketplace, or purchase the entire experience for a mere of 240 Microsoft Points.

About Twisted Bytes:
Twisted Bytes was founded in 2009 to create games that are, innovative, high quality, but above all else, fun to play. Targeting the Xbox 360 game console, twisted bytes is committed to create enjoyable experiences for gamers at all ages.
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Rating: out of 5

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