TWP Spine of the World

TWP Spine of the World

To set the mood for TWP Spine of the World, I’ll give you a summary of the story line thus far:
On the world of Trinity, you are a wondering hero from the Western Kingdom of Regals and have travelled far across the Great Plains to reach the Spine of the World, which is a mountain range that splits the world of Trinity in two. The Spine of the World also happens to be the seat of the High King of the Dwarves who sits on a troubled throne in the castle of Ram’s Hold due to evil stirrings in the deep places of the mountain.

The player is then presented with a series of questions, each with two possible answers, which help (presumably) the game to calculate the players character and set the player stats accordingly.

From there, you get your first mission, which is to kill the leader of the Orcs and Goblins to win the favour of the Dwarven Council. Prior to attempting this though, I had a bit of a look around Ram’s Hold and found a fair few places at which to spend gold (of which I had none), such as weapons and potion shops, a Runesmith at which to get your armour or weapons imbued with magical power. There was also training at the Dwarven Academy on offer to help you up the skills of your character. Another couple of options in the castle of Ram’s Hold that I thought were a nice touch, were a library, where you could further research further information on the world of Trinity should you wish and a Hall of Records, or stats if you prefer for each of the available missions.

After messing around the castle for a bit, I decided to get into the action and after being presented with a brilliant piece of hand drawn artwork of presumably our hero whilst the mission was loading, I must say that I was sorely disappointed after such a great build-up – the quality of the sprites aren’t quite up to the standard of what I had so far seen and their animations were a bit jerky.

As you might expect, you get the opportunity to level up your hero after slaying enough evil characters to help prepare yourself for future battles by improving your skills.

Another thing that kinda disappointed was the confirmation message boxes that the game uses, they are straight out of the GameStateManagement sample and to be honest, I really would have expected that after obviously a fair amount work going into TWP Spine of the World, that these at least would have been changed!

In just a few lines, I thought TWP Spine of the World (regardless the few minor faults that I found) to be a really fun game and one that’s worth a look in if you are an RPG fan.

Rating: out of 5

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