Type Attacks

Type Attacks

A typing practice game/app huh??? Ok – strange if you ask me. In Type Attacks the aim is to destroy the falling letters or words before they destroy the city below or imagine it if you will that the letters and words are in fact bombs. The way you destroy the letters is to use either a USB keyboard or a chatpad and type out the letters or words and your plane will shoot the down destroying them.

There are various difficulty levels available, which allow the user to only shoot down lower case letters, or lower and upper case, or words etc – you get the point I’m sure.

However, a word of warning, this game only seems playable from controller one, so if you have your chatpad attached to controller two and are trying to play don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.

As strange as it sounds, I found Type Attacks to be slightly addictive!! Well, for a few minutes anyway.

Rating: out of 5

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