Ultra Dual X Racer

Ultra Dual X Racer is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,

Ultra Dual X Racer

Ultra Dual X Racer is a kinda interesting game, which allows up to four local players to pit their ambidextrousness against one another by having to race funny looking objects along a straight course with obstacles in the way from a top down view. Sounds a bit boring and I bet you’re thinking, what has being ambidextrous got to do with it? Well…. the game allows you to race two different objects using both the left and right side of the controller i.e. LS & LT for the left side and RS & RT for the right side.

I found it pretty tough going, but at the same time quite a bit of fun.

The game also allows you to race only using one object at a time, either using the left or the right side of the controller, but I found this to be a bit boring and easy – I’d much prefer to stick with testing my ambidextrousness. The game also offers various other options such as difficulty and being able to choose different levels for each side.

However, though I think it’s a interesting and fun game, at 400on, it is a bit excessively overpriced for what it is.

Rating: out of 5

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