Wacky Karts

Wacky Karts

Wacky Karts as the name might suggest is about Karting. This game looks typical of the likes of Super Mario Kart (which I have never played I might just add) and is jolly good fun, even if I was second last in the first two races and lapped multiple times in the last three!

Wacky Karts has various game modes, such as GP and versus races which support up four local players. There is also battle mode, which too supports up to four local players. The time trials mode is the only one that can only support single player.

Wacky Karts also comes with global scoreboards, upon which I seem to feature on exactly none of :( Wait a second there… that would be because I hadn’t tried any time trials! Ok, I’m now 4th in the Spooky Forest I circuit – it’ll probably be all of about one day before I’m knocked off the scoreboard!

In Wacky Karts, you are able to choose from various characters to drive your kart, including:

All the characters come with their own abilities in terms of turning, acceleration and speed, giving you a slightly different challenge depending on which you choose.

If you are playing a GP, versus or battle mode, you can collect item boxes which are placed around the track – each of these may contain various powerups such as a quick speed boost and jumping your kart. You can also get mines which will spin out other karts and a portable pothole! However beware, some of the item boxes may be fakes!

In battle mode you get to battle it out against other local players. You start off with three lives and must use the various items in the item boxes to deplete your opponent’s lives down to win the battle – simple really.

One thing that might be worth mentioning, that even though the controls screen shows A for the gas and B for the brakes, you can also use RT and LT.

I found Wacky Karts to be a fun game and in my opinion will be an easy going fun game for adults and kids alike.

Rating: out of 5

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