Word Soup

In answer to the results of the poll posted on this site, it would appear that Word Soup is next to get reviewed.

Word Soup

Word soup seems to be one of the more successful of the XBLCG’s, so it was inevitable that I would get round to reviewing it at some point. The gameplay itself is fairly straight forward, whereby the player is presented with a grid full of letters, each worth a certain number of points and has to make words out of the letters in the grid by using letters that are adjacent to each other – any direction can be used. As the letters are used, the grid shifts in order to keep all the available letters together in one group.

There are three different types of game available and these include Timed, Brain and Relaxed. Personally I found the relaxed game to be very much that relaxed and not too much pressure, whilst still keeping the grey mater active.

As far as I could see, the graphics are faultless. The dictionary was good and overall I really enjoyed the game, however one thing did raise the old alarms bells and that was the rating, particularly in the mature category was ZERO! However, I was able to enter words such as (I’m sure that you can figure out for yourself what the missing letter is):
These were the only ones that I had the opportunity to try and was particularly shocked by “y*d”, so I am willing to bet that the whole dictionary is unedited for potentially offensive words. Surely with a mature rating of 0/3 entering these words should not be possible? MT_red”>Parents be forewarned.

Rating: out of 5

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