World Clock

World Clock

Before I first looked at World Clock, I thought to myself “What the heck will I be able to write about, it’s a clock!”, well after messing about with it for some time, apart from confirming that it is in fact a clock, I also found it could have the potential to be a fairly useful clock.

World Clock displays a map of the world, which is available in three different modes, the names of which are fairly self explanatory – natural, old parchment and sculptured steel. Personally my favourite was the old parchment.

World Clock comes with different settings that can be adjusted to your liking, including, but not limited to things such as time formats in either 12hr or 24hr, the ability to turn on or off the preset cites and also an option to turn on or off the various country borders. There are also additional options that allow you to centre the map on either your current location, GMT or at noon.

You can at any time set up to three locations to be displayed in addition to your current location. Having grown up in a lesser well known country of the world, I thought I would have a look see if the city in which I lived was preset and to my surprise, it was. I was impressed, especially as a lot of people I meet can’t even pronounce the name correctly!

Using the DPad, you are able to increment or decrement the date either by a month or a day and you can clearly see the change in the day/night shadow, which if you scroll though the dates, can also see the change for the different seasons, when the tilt of the earth changes.

In summation, having family spread across a lot of regions of the world, I can see this app being fairly useful, to assist in not making the mistake of calling someone at 3AM, particularly at times like Christmas and New Year when there is the need to call far and wide.

Sylar would be knocking off people left right and center to get his hands on this clock :)

Rating: out of 5

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