Yet Another Zombie Defense Review

Yet Another Zombie Defense

Yet Another Zombie Defense is as the name suggests, yet another zombie defence game. This comes to us from the creators of Duel: The Art of Combat, AwesomeGamesStudio.

Personally, I love the whole zombie thing – I’ve probably played most of the zombie games going, I mean what’s not to love – bloody, gore, guns…..

Yet Another Zombie Defense takes place over a series of nights and see’s our hero standing by a lone lamp post until out of the darkness emerges zombies… What happens from here is what’s to be expected kick some butt. The zombies sometimes drop various objects when kill, such as health packs, ammo and most importantly money.

At the end of the night, you are able to now spend your money on weapons, ammo and palisades. For the palisades, you have a choice of either wood or metal, metal of course being the sturdier and surviving for longer against the zombie attacks. Weapons, range from the default pistol, which comes with infinite ammo to a laser and a whole load more in-between such as shotguns, miniguns and Uzi’s. Personally I’ll always love the shotgun when it comes to close quarters zombie killing action (perhaps that is why I didn’t survive very long).

Another very interesting object you can buy is the auto turret, which a was a bit confused what it did at first until I figure out that one positioned, you have to place a weapon of your choosing onto it. This will then engage zombies at will and also consume your ammo and think nothing of ammo conservation. The life of the auto turret isn’t exactly the best, so you need to ensure that you protect it well or use multiple turrets which cover each other.

The bottom line is – if you like zombie games, download the trial and check this out. After all it is only 80MSP and in my opinion well worth the points.

I rate it a

Rating: out of 5

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