Quaint doodles and cute bugs capture gamers in Your Doodles Are Bugged!

Fürth, Germany, February 2, 2010 – Johannes Hubert, with his one-man independent game studio Spyn Doctor Games, has released his eagerly awaited game Your Doodles Are Bugged! on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

The game, which in the weeks leading up to the release has garnered a lot of interest from players and reviewers alike, puts the magic pen of Doodleus the Master Doodler right into the hands of the player. Armed with this pen, it is the player’s task to doodle a path for Doodleus’ pet bugs, which have been hexed into the doodles, to the magic honey that will allow them to escape from their predicament. It is left to the creativity and ingenuity of the gamer to find his own solution for each doodle, by drawing new lines, connections, bridges and bug-stairways.

“The great fun in being an indie developer is to be able to explore new game types and new genres”, said Johannes Hubert. “With Your Doodles Are Bugged! I took advantage of this freedom to the fullest, offering a fresh game idea that is unlike every other game on the Xbox.”

The lovingly hand-doodled levels with their quaint and unique art style, and the hundreds of tiny cute bugs that populate these doodles, offer hours of doodling-fun. In addition, the game also features unlockable content as well as local and global speed-run record lists, that allow the player to see how well he does in comparison to other players in his home and worldwide.

Your Doodles Are Bugged! was released on Xbox LIVE Indie Games on February 2nd, 2010, for 80 MSP.

About Spyn Doctor Games
Situated in a light-flooded, post-industrial loft that was converted from a former mirror factory, in the sprawling metropolis of Fürth, Bavaria, Germany, the one-man independent game studio is headed and operated by Johannes Hubert, who does all of the game design, programming, artwork, sound effects, playtesting, desk cleaning and swiping-up-spilled-beverages – that is, if he can find the time between playing all those other cool Xbox Indie games. –

Rating: out of 5

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