Your Doodles are Bugged Review

Years ago, one of favourite games was Lemmings and since then I have found nothing to compare, until now…..

Enter Your Doodles are Bugged, written by Spyn Doctor Games in Bavaria, which brings the good old days of Lemmings into the 21st century.

The story behind the game is that there is an accident and due to this accident, the pet bugs of Doodleus the Master Doodler end up magically inside his doodles.

The objective of the game is to guide the bugs to the honey pot on each doodle, using a magic pen which allows you create platforms for the bugs to walk along. It all starts out fairly easily with a tutorial spanning four levels, but on the first on your own level saw me fast running out of ink in the magic pen! There is luckily an easy solution and that is to erase lines that you have previously draw to regain some of the ink back.

You are also able to zoom into each level to allow precision drawing, which can be useful, especially if you are like me and have trouble drawing a straight line with a pencil, never mind a gamepad.

One of the things that I found really great about Your Doodles are Bugged is The hand drawn art style was so unique, simple and a perfect fit, but it was also easy to confuse as I found myself in the beginning forgetting that the bugs can actually walk among the current doodles!

The game also features unlockable content as well as local and global level completion time record lists, which will allow you to compare your times versus other gamers.

At only 80MSP, there is no reason why Your Doodles are Bugged should not be a part of your games library.

It’s easy to rate Your Doodles are Bugged at our maximum rating of

Other games by Spyn Doctor include Kuchibi and Golden Tangram.

Rating: out of 5

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