ZenHak Review


Well, I read the description of this game on the marketplace and thought I’d give it a try. After all, it sounded a little like a game that I used to love on the genesis called Shadowrun. The concept of that game was to hack computers while fighting off the bad guys. This one sounded like it would be along the same concept and the graphics didn’t look too bad either. Unfortunately, upon entering the game I realized I could not be any more wrong. Although the graphics were nice to look at, that was the only thing I liked about this game.

First off, upon entering the game itself you are greeted with a start screen that shows you what the buttons do and a brief description that basically states you are in a room and must hack the computer. That’s it. No other description. How do you play? What exactly are you supposed to do to hack the computer. Occasionally you are given a hint on things to do but no explanation on how to do it. The printing is so small that you either need to be sitting right in front of your tv screen, need to have binoculars or need at least a 60” big screen tv to play.

Honestly, I gave this game the “old college try”. The first time I tried, I stuck with it and moved the mouse around for about 45 minutes before I gave up. I was seriously thinking of actually deleting the game as a lost cause, but I didn’t. The next day I gave it another go. Again, around 45 minutes trying to figure it out. Granted I did get a little bit further but even on some of the harder console games out there, you shouldn’t need to spend a good hour and a half to get going just a little bit. And I have played some very difficult puzzle games in the past.

After my last go, I decided to do some online research for other reviews just to see if anyone had managed to get further or for a clue on how to play this game. All I found was a letter to the developer letting them know they did not like the game either and were very disappointed. The only other review I found was on another site. The developer himself was the one who reviewed the game and gave it 9’s and 10’s for gameplay and appeal. How convenient.

I can’t really say anymore about this one because I honestly couldn’t get into it. Maybe next time the developer might want to think about putting in some more detailed instructions as to the how’s and why’s of gameplay so more people will want to go that extra mile.

Personally, I believe that this game is not worth the time to download or the price you have to pay for the full version. However, if you do decide to get it and manage to figure it out… let me know.


Rating: out of 5

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