Zoom Review


Sifting through the list of indie games that are currently available, I decided to pick one out of the Z folder (when searching alphabetically) and came across this gem. I use the word gem very loosely here.

Although Zoom is categorized in the racing and flying genre, personally I don’t feel it has anything to do with either feature. For one, you are never really more than one foot above the ground so that kind of defeats the purpose of flying. Second, there are no other competitors so I can’t really see it as a racing game because there is no competition. Although to be honest, I haven’t really given the co-op a try nor was I really that inclined. This game loses whatever playability it may have had fairly quickly.

The premise of the game here is that you are in one of 5 planes? Spaceships? Who knows. You are supposed to try and break the speed barrier, I assume, as you try to see just how fast you can go. The left joystick is used to speed up and the right to steer. It may have been a glitch or something else but I found that I couldn’t slow down at all once started. Once you reach a speed of 800 mph you can get yourself a speed boost if you pull your triggers. This would be nice if you could actually control the ship.

The control of the ship in itself is abysmal. It is next to impossible to keep the ship going straight. Something that should not be all that difficult seeing as how the road is straight. You start to drift almost immediately and once you attempt a course correction, you’ve lost it. The sad thing about this is that in a day and age where a must have in any type of racing or flying game is crashes and accidents you can’t even hope for that here. If you go off road here, the screen just wipes and you start over. You don’t even get an explosion.

Truly, that was 5 minutes of game play that I will never see again.

Rating: out of 5

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