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Betfred Live Casino Review

Betfred is clean in looks and performance.  The graphics are sharp and the clicks are fast.  You can feel that the casino is well groomed and professional with all their bets covered.  The casino originated on British soil and is deeply entrenched in the UK market however, many players come from Slovenia, Belarus, Hungary, Ireland and Australia.  You can see from the casino home page (image sidebar top leaft) they offer sports, poker and casino.  All are well marked with live games prominently displayed.  The Playtech live games are top quality with an impressive function in download that enables you to have as many open tables as you can fit on your screen open at the same time.  You could have 3 Roulette and 4 Blackjack tables open, with bets and in play.  So if you are ambidextrous and a fast mover, you will really enjoy that function.  Other functions are well developed as well.  The accounting system they have employed is really helpful.  You can have funds in one main account and distribute them where and when you like.  This gives you a chance to take first deposit bonuses when you want them.  The bonuses are well displayed complete with play through in progress and bonus winnings and how much you could withdraw if you wanted to forgo the bonus.  So Betfred is a very transparent, intuitive and professional site that merits the most discerning player.

In regards to the Live gaming functionality, I would recommend the downloaded version…. by far.  The functions are really top notch.  In comparison, the instant play is clunky and as I mentioned before, there is no Baccarat nor Hold’em poker.  But it is not just that.  The downloaded version is really incredible.  You have so much control over the views before you enter a roulette table.  Just by placing the courser over a table on the menu, you can see very detailed history.  For us Martingale system players, it is great..

Betfred Live Game Menu

European Live Games Streamed From Latvia

  • Roulette (European single zero)
  • French Roulette (La Partage Rule)
  • VIP Roulette (Higher quality layout and functionality, Higher Bet Limits once approved, In browser version only)
  • SlingShot Roulette (Fast Live & Semi-Automated, Compressed Air Driven
  • Unlimited BlackJack (Play up to 5 hands at once at a table alone with a croupier)
  • Baccarat (Available in download only)
  • Texas Hold’em (Available in download only)

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Betfred Live Casino’s Player Base

Most players going to Betfred are from the United Kingdom… by a land slide.  What I mean by that, is 60% of the visitors  come from iP addresses in the UK.  The other players represented are very spread out over Europe.  These include, Austria, Romania, The Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Belarus and more.  These countries have player visits to Betfred of less than 5%. The age groups entering the casino is divided right down the middle between the two age groups of 18 to 24 and 25 to 34.  We are talking about mostly young male sports betters.  Live casino has just begun at Betfred’s and these figures are for 2010 and the first part of 2011 so these percentages are not including the live players.