Blackjack Rules

Vuetec Blackjack  Rules

Blackjack Rules are the making of  Distant Gaming at Vuetec Software’s main head quarters in Dublin Ireland. They web cam stream live from a Brick and Mortar Casino in Dublin Ireland. The land based casino is an old, well established casino called Fitzwilliams Casino and Card Club. Vuetec’s Early Payout Blackjack Rules make for a very interesting Blackjack version. It implements the time honored and tested Basic Strategy Rules. If you decline to make a call, the system uses the Basic Strategy rules for the very best call for the player. Basic Strategy will have a 99.5% RTP. Amazing as this sounds, it is true.

General Game Rules

Early Payout Blackjack Rules states you may bet on one, two or all three hands.

The dealer will follow “BASIC STRATEGY” dealing rules. At each stage of the game, you may:

  • Continue with the Basic Strategy ‘NEXT PLAY’.
  • Select to “STAND” on the cards dealt
  • Accept the “EARLY PAYOUT” offered, suspending subsequent action on that hand.All player hands will be dealt to completion.
  • Until Basic Strategy would STAND or;
  • Until the hand BUSTS (goes over 21).Early Payout Blackjack Rules call for hands that will ‘Double’ or ‘Split’ player may:
  • Elect to ‘Not Double’ his bet.
  • Elect to ‘Play Only One Hand’.The object of this game is to have a hand closest to 21 while beating the “Dealers Hand” (if your hand goes over 21 you will bust, your cards and chips placed in this game will be lost). There are 3 outcomes to this game Win, Draw and Lose. In all events the winner is decided, winning chips are awarded to the winner and cards are put aside for the next shuffle.
  • The Dealer will deal cards to every player starting from the right side of the Table; the Dealer will deal one card to each player (including the Dealer) then a second to each player. The amount which the combined cards represent is displaying in a small box just above the cards, this is update each time a new card is added to your hand.


While you are playing using the Early Payout Blackjack Rules, you have the option to Stand instead of using the Basic Strategy Next Play option. If you click the “Stand” button your hand will stand at that point. The dealer may continue to deal additional cards, according to Basic Strategy, but those additional cards dealt will not be included in your hand after you clicked Stand.


You can only split after you have been dealt any kind of pair combination. Each hand may only be split once, only one additional card will be dealt to split aces.


By default the game will follow Basic Strategy (BS) & elect to double according to BS Rules. However the player is given the option to not double.


A “Blackjack” hand consists of two cards; One 10 or picture card (Jack, Queen or King) and an Ace card.


Early Payout Blackjack Rules says once the dealer has dealt the cards to all players (including the dealer) if the deals facing-up card is an ace the insurance will be offered to all players. Afterwards the game will check the dealers’ cards and insurance pays will be paid.


The game is dealt from a shoe containing 6 standard 52 Card Decks. RNG games use a simulated 6-deck shoe.

Single and Multi-Hand Blackjack use a continuous shuffle. The complete shoe is shuffled before each hand is dealt.

Early Payout Blackjack Rules and Blackjack with Early Payout:
After the shoe is shuffled it is “cut” approximately half way into the deck (or exactly 50% for RNG games). The game is then dealt. When the cut position is reached, the current game is dealt to completion, then a new shuffle made before the next game is opened.


DoppelGanger is an optional side bet on provided for by the Early Payout Blackjack Rules.

A DoppleGanger bet wins when the first two cards dealt to that hand position are a pair, and loses if they are not. Different pair types, have different payouts, as shown below.

Pure DG

A Pure DoppleGanger is when the first two cards drawn are of the same value and suit. For example, 2 cards each being a 9 of Hearts.

Coloured DG
A Coloured DoppleGanger is when the first two cards drawn are of the same value and colour, but not the same suit For example, a 9 of Hearts and a 9 of Diamonds

Mixed DG
A Mixed DoppleGanger is when the first two cards drawn are of the same value but different colours. For example a 9 of Hearts and a 9 of Spades

In Early Payout Blackjack Rules, to play a DoppleGanger bet, simply place bets in the DoppleGanger bet position, in front of the BlackJack bet box.

You must place a wager on the Blackjack game to play a DoppleGanger bet.

If a DoppleGanger bet is placed, but a bet is not Placed on the same Blackjack hand, then the DoppleGanger bet will be returned.

All bets must be placed before the deal is commenced.

Placing bets

With the Early Payout Blackjack Rules, there are 4 playing chips located at the bottom of the Table which are labelled; 1, 5, 25 & 100.

To place bets move your mouse over any chip on the edge of the table which represents the value of the chip you wish to place. Click the left mouse button. This chip will now have a Yellow ring around it (representing you have selected this amount to play with). Move the mouse to the position on the table where you wish to place a bet and click the left mouse button. (A small rectangle will pop-up and display the name of the position). You can continue to place more chips on the table. Also notice that the small rectangle which used to display the name of the position now displays the name of the position and the value placed on that position.

With the Early Payout Blackjack Rules, if you wish to select a different chip, move the mouse to the edge of the table, place it over the chip you wish to bet and then click the left mouse button. The new chip selected will now have a yellow ring around it indicating that this is the current ‘active’ chip. If you place more than one chip on a particular position the chips may change value or reorder themselves. These chips still represent the same total value for each bet; they have just changed to the minimum amount of chips to represent the value or they have changed to maintain the order of “largest chip on the bottom, smallest on the top”.

Removing bets

With the Early Payout Blackjack Rules, if you wish to remove chips from the table simply “right-click” the area you wish to remove chips from. (This will remove the chips starting with the lowest amount.)
To remove a stack of chips press and release the mouse over the stack of chips you wish to remove. This stack of chips will now follow the mouse. Press and release the right mouse button and all the chips will disappear. You could also press and release the right mouse button when the chip stack is off the table.

BJEP Early Payout Blackjack Rules Calculation

For any given player hand and dealer’s “up” card, it is possible to mathematically calculate the probability of each outcome of the game for the number of decks used, and rules applied.

Using those probabilities and calculating with the amount wagered, it is thus possible to determine the average expected return that might be achieved over time, from all those possible outcomes.

The Early Payout values offered are derived from the expected return of any particular hand, minus a small casino margin.

To aid this calculation, the following table shows the Early Payout multiplier values which are used to determine the Early Payout values offered.

With the Early Payout Blackjack Rules, to calculate the actual Early Payout value, firstly determine the multiplier value from one of the tables below by selecting the correct table which would be used according to next action according to Basic Strategy, then look up the value at the intersection of the row showing the Player’s hand value and the column showing the Dealer’s “up” card
When you have selected the correct multiplier, add the amount wagered to the result of multiplying the amount wagered by the multiplier value.

In the Early Payout Blackjack Rules, if for example the player has wagered €5 and the player’s hand is 2 of Hearts and 3 of Diamonds, and the dealer’s “up” card is 2 of Clubs, the Early Payout offered will be €4.25.
In this case, the next action according to Basic Strategy is to ‘HIT’, so the first table is used.