European Roulette

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Roulette is the most noticeable game of chance of all times. The table game Roulette is entirely based on this spectacular game in its content and basic rules.

The essence of the game is the necessity to predict the landing of the ball, which is rather a hard job. Luck plays the significant part in this game, but there are some tips allowing increasing chances for a right guess. Gamblers often go with hot combinations that show up more often. Others believe in existing of some sort of numbers, not appearing in the game for a long period and decide choosing them, as their turn is sure to come. Gamblers might as well bet on lots of numbers, which can eventually make them lucky.

Usually the amount of gamblers here is eight. They play against the croupier, whose functions is to spin the wheel and handles payouts and wagers.  Gamblers purchase colored chips for their bets not to mix up. In case of winning you should exchange them for cash chips. Some special chips have the indication of their value amount.

European roulette – game process

Playing roulette starts with placing bets on the chosen numbers.  Then the croupier gets the spin started and launches the ball. Before the ball lands, the croupier stops accepting bets. Since that moment placing or changing bets is prohibited. Only after placement of the dolly on the winning number new bets are made while the croupier pay lucky gamblers their prizes. The winners are those gamblers whose bets happened to be on the number that has come up.  The bets placed on the outside of the layout may win when the winning number happens to be represented.

The attractiveness of this table game lies in a rather high payout percentage, as in the game Texas Hold ‘Em. The advantage of the gambling house on a single roulette table is 2.7%, with a double roulette table it may increase to 5.26%. With such marvelous opportunities to gain many cash chips and an entertaining game process Roulette’s popularity is sure to increase every year. Try it right and see with how many cash chips this game will treat you!