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Bonus Comparisons

In a few short words Live Microgaming and Playtech Software companies seam to do the best job in helping their affiliated casinos serving up good bonuses. Microgaming has a system called Clear Play. This tracts your bonuses play through requirements. It is an automated system unique at Microgaming live casinos. But besides giving you a real time status on your bonus condition, Microgaming’s bonus requirements are in general, far superior to any other software company. What sets them apart is by letting you withdraw prematurely and the way they apply your accounts against the wagers you are making. The first wagers come out of your real money account not the bonus account. This might sound negative but it is not. Because the first wagers you make are coming out of your real money, if you win, the money is yours to keep. If you feel you would like to through a party with the winnings and want to withdraw…No Problem! Hey, it’s not like that with most other companies. There are companies with great bonus terms in other software providers but with Microgaming, the Clear-Pay system is kept intact, unmoved, un-undone and ready at any Microgaming casino. So take your pick.

So what’s next?? Withdrawals…yes!

Comparing Withdrawal Times at Live Dealer Casinos

You could have a problem at any casino withdrawing… some more than others. When you are new at a casino and are withdrawing a large amount of booty, they ALL will want to verify your person. Usually the magic amount is 2000$. But let’s not address that issue right here. If you are withdrawing a few hundred quid at any Vuetec or Visionary iGaming casinos, your gong to be blown away with how fast you can get that party money. Ask for it on Friday morning and your going to be going to the liquor store and calling your favorite dealer buy that same afternoon. I have withdrawal times posted at all the reviews. I like to test out every casino. It is how I get my kicks. If one doesn’t dish out how I like’m to, I get to bitch about it in their review. Revenge is sooo sweet at times. Oh! Microgaming is the pits for withdrawal speeds. Pay they do, but they have this weird 24hr “pending period” that really wreaks havoc in their reviews. I love Allslots because I can’t seam to loose there but there is no icing on the cake when it comes to a fast withdrawal.

So what’s next??? Video quality? no… live dealer Chat is more important in my book.

Live Dealer Chat at Live Casinos

By far far far Visionary is tops in making the guys have a good time at the tables with the chat created by the croupiers. I would say it is because the Costa Rican Croupiers are of a cultural class that is more relaxed and informal. Informality is one good way to break the ice and start a good fat jolly roll of laughter. These girls “never say no”. That is my slogan I have given them since I visited the studio in San Jose Costa Rica one afternoon. I  live in CR by the way. It’s a great and peaceful adobe of a home. Wouldn’t move back to the USA even if they let me.  Vuetec could be the worst live chat on the planet but I have a hard time giving it that status since Microgaming has none at all. So for last place I am stumped… hum…ok, I will give it to Vuetec. They are streamed from a live brick and mortar casino in Dublin Ireland. What a bunch of serious croupiers. Long faces and intent on being professional. Oh well. They are very busy since they have live players standing looking at them in Ireland. Microgaming croupiers are specially trained in maintaining a smile. They have nothing else to do since there is no chat. The smiles are great though.. you awt’a see’em, gorgeous babes through and through. Yummy! Ever tried maintaining a smile for a half hour straight. I mean these girls could put Obama to shame.

So what’s next? Video quality?? ok then…

Live Dealer Software Video Stream Quality

Many say that Microgaming is sharper than all the others but I see little difference in them, Evolution and Playtech. For sure Visionary and especially Vuetec have shameful quality but at least the online load is small and you can have a good time with out a cable connection. Microgaming could seam sharper because of their studio lighting. Where as Evolution and Playtech have a Classical Euro orientated Microgaming’s ambiance is surrealistic, with blue, red and green lighting coming from the floor making everything seam “outer-spacy”. In a well placed European parlor there’s a lot of cigar smoke but in outer space there is little dust to mess up  your vision and therefor the video quality. Unless you are “space drunk”. NASAU doesn’t talk much about it but when astronauts look at Earth from “above” they get all choked up with watery eyes and start talking about God. Well, there is no God says NASAU, only energy and matter. So they call it “space drunk”. Never mind. I promised my wife not to talk politics and religion and here I have mentioned Obama and God on one page.