Microgaming Live Casino

Microgaming Live Casino Software

Microgaming came in a bit late offering Live Dealer Games like starburst free spins. Yet they are in a fairly good position today in regards to functionality and design. It has made their version of “Live” enjoyable and intuitive. This is reflected in their recent gain in market share. One big difference, I should mention right away, there is no live dealer chat. However they have developed an inter game functionality that surpasses other software types. With Microgaming live games you can open multiple tables and have them set with wagers and playing all at the same time.

Compared to Other Live Casino Softwares

Evolution Gaming Software Casinos offer multiple open table functionality as well but it is not executed as smoothly. Also with Evolution there is a limited number of tables you can open at once.  So expect something a bit different at Microgaming Live Games. If you are a “need to chat” player… may I recommend Celtic Casino (Visionary Software). Their Live Dealers are groomed to chat more than any other type of Live Game. Being from Costa Rica and not European, you will find a different “flavor” of uninhibited croupier. May I point out the Mult-Player live games in all 3 game types, Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, are not the same as Playtech’s Multi-Player Backjack. With Microgaming what is meant by “Multi-Player” is a perspective on the game including multiple players, meaning you’r not alone at the table.  You will be able to see their bets (very interesting especially in Roulette) and will be asked to select a seat. In the “non” Multi-Player live games (Dragon Bonus Baccarat and Live Roulette) you will be at a table alone. Obviously you will not be able to see others betting nor others will be able to see you placing your bets.

Microgaming Live Games

So it is all up to you. Microgaming has a very good selection of ways to play (Multi-Player or Solo) and they also have choices in game views, wide and close-up. Microgaming has a super history function in roulette that lets you see how often outside bets are occurring. I love that function. When I see a red/black or even/odd unbalanced and showing something like 40% and the other 60% I start betting