Simple slot machine strategies that work

The outcome of a gambling game is impossible to predict. Also, many of the suggested ways to win are just ridiculous myths. Combining these facts, it may seem that no successful strategy can be applied to slot machines. Fortunately, that is only half true.

There is no magical way to “hit” a slot machine. Casinos and game developers have spent a lot of time and money to ensure that these games cannot be won consistently. However, there are steps that will give you the best chance of winning.

If you like the practicality of real life to pipe dreams, we recommend committing the following exit strategies to memory and utilizing them whenever you set foot in a casino or log in to a virtual facility. While your profit / loss ratio may not go up right away, you will definitely have a better position in the long run.

Track high advertised payback rates To
attract businesses, some casinos may advertise slots with a certain payback percentage, such as 98% or 97.5%. These are always a wise decision because the casino has just revealed the expected long-term profit (such information is usually closely monitored). However, always watch out for fraudulent practices, as “up to 99% return” is not the same as a guaranteed 99% return.

Manage your bank account

Before you start playing at a casino, check your financial management and determine how much money you can afford to lose. If you can’t afford to lose any, you shouldn’t play first. If you have a certain amount of disposable income, set the number and never play beyond that number. This can mean the difference between a lost session and one that forces you to borrow money or fail to pay.

Always follow the game’s advice

More and more slot machines are starting to incorporate skill features, and it is common for these machines to provide basic advice on how to succeed in such game elements. Unless you have planned a game and know a specific trick, it is always a good idea to follow such advice.

Play a board game instead

While slot machines can be fun, they are also one of the biggest bankroll killers in a casino. They rely almost exclusively on the element of chance, and the machine can sometimes go on for years without delivering their top jackpot. Meanwhile, Table Games offer better odds and interaction with other players.

Remember your ticket

Once you have hit the jackpot, the machine will print a ticket that can be redeemed in the cashier window. While it’s natural to get excited after a big win, don’t walk away and forget to grab your ticket. If you do, someone else may stop grabbing the ticket and walking out of the casino with your winnings.

Get a Player Card and use it

The casino uses player cards to keep track of how many bets are made at their facility. If you are a frequent player, you can expect to receive a reward for your protection in the form of packages, which often include free meals, rooms or tickets to the show. Because you don’t pay for these products, sanctions can turn a casino’s otherwise losing session into a profitable gaming trip.

Play physical reels

Games with an actual reel are quickly a thing of the past. However, if you find one, you would be smart to call it. This is because these games almost always offer a higher payout percentage than their virtual counterparts. This is because it takes longer to play great video slots, which means the casino has to make up for lost time by spending more money.

Slowly and steadily

With a slow game speed, you can satisfy your gambling desire while limiting the amount of losses. This may not affect the strategy very much, but we have seen people blow their entire bank account into a coin within five minutes of sitting down. Don’t be that person.

Simple games have better odds

While massive games with spinning wheels and impressive video displays are popular, they are often not the most profitable machines. This is because casinos know that these games attract customers regardless, so they can get rid of it by setting a lower payback percentage. Meanwhile, basic machines offer better odds to smooth out their more direct representation.

Avoid nationwide advances

Sure, it would be nice to hit Nevada in the state of Megabucks progressively and become a multimillionaire. However, the odds are against it, and you’re likely to get much less winnings when you fish that top jackpot. This is because 21 cents of every dollar wagered goes to either the jackpot or the casino win. This does not leave much money to be returned to the player with smaller winnings.

Higher denominations have better odds

Because a game with a higher denomination will eventually earn more money from players, it can afford to offer higher winnings. Use this to your advantage by sticking to games with a higher minimum bet. For example, playing one coin per line in a nickel game offers better odds than playing five coins per line for a penny (even if you spend the same amount of money on both).

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